Residential Security

Residential Security

Trengate provides a selection of security service for your home or estate. Our team of expert residential and home security guards are trained in advanced security techniques, ensuring swift responses to any potential threats or unwelcome visitors. We can provide round-the-clock residential security guards as well as a remote monitoring service. 

Trained Security Personnel

We conduct a thorough survey to assess the vulnerabilities and potential risks at your residence, enabling us to propose effective solutions for risk mitigation. Our security packages are specifically designed to enhance the safety of our clients and protect them against criminal activities that may affect you, your family, property, grounds, and belongings.

Our Clients include:

We have a highly trained team on hand

Our close protection officers are licensed and registered professionals who possess a perfect blend of expertise and experience. Together we have a range of skills and knowledge to provide exceptional security services. Trust in our us to ensure your safety.


Quality Surveillance

Enhance your security with our wide range of specialised equipment. Our advanced surveillance solutions provide all round coverage and safeguard your assets. Trust our cutting-edge technology to ensure superior protection.

Discover our training programs which are crafted for individuals wanting to gain experience and knowledge in security services. Our courses will provide you with a set of essential skills that you need to be successful in the security industry. Our instructors have strong ex-military/ex-special forces and policing backgrounds, they will ensure you receive the highest level of education and insight in security services so you are more than prepared to take on anything in your future career.

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We have the right solution to fit your unique security requirements.