Close Protection

Protection Services tailored to suit your needs

Trengate specialises in Close Protection Services, ensuring the safety of businesses and individuals across various environments, enabling uninterrupted operations while conducting a wide range of activities securely.

With teams strategically positioned in the UK, Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa, Trengate is equipped to swiftly deploy their expert personnel whenever the need arises.

We have a highly trained team on hand

Our security officers are licensed and registered professionals who possess a perfect blend of expertise and experience. Together we have a range of skills and knowledge to provide exceptional security services. Trust in us to ensure your safety.

Our Clients include:
Cars / private jets / yachts / property

Luxury Concierge Service

We offer an exceptional Luxury Concierge Service. We provide top-tier arrangements tailored to your needs, from supercars and private jets, to yachts and properties. We will help you get from point A to point B safely and in style.


Discover our training programs which are crafted for individuals wanting to gain experience and knowledge in security services. Our courses will provide you with a set of essential skills that you need to be successful in the security industry. Our instructors have strong ex-military/ex-special forces and policing backgrounds, they will ensure you receive the highest level of education and insight in security services so you are more than prepared to take on anything in your future career.

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We have the right solution to fit your unique security requirements.