Specialist Equipment

Advanced Military Technology

As global threats continue to evolve, the demand for specialised equipment and advanced technology is increasingly crucial in enhancing capabilities and providing a competitive edge to those involved in defence and security operations.

Trengate meets this need with a diverse selection of specialised equipment from top global suppliers. We also offer research and development support for complex technical needs.

Equipment To Protect Yourself And Others

Our selection of specialist equipment is known for its durability, reliability, and functionality. We only provide equipment we would use ourselves:

Our Clients include:

We have a highly trained team on hand

Our security officers are licensed and registered professionals who possess a perfect blend of expertise and experience. Together we have a range of skills and knowledge to provide exceptional security services. Trust in our us to ensure your safety.

Special Projects

Trengate is well known for its exceptional ability to cater to special projects for both the public and private sectors. With a vast array of cutting-edge specialist equipment and a highly skilled team of engineers and experts at our disposal, Trengate ensures that even the most ambitious and complex projects become a reality.

Whether it's developing innovative infrastructures, implementing advanced technological solutions, or spearheading transformative initiatives. Our collaborative approach and diverse expertise enable them to tackle challenges head-on and deliver unparalleled results. Our commitment to excellence and attention to detail make us a go-to partner for any organization seeking to materialize their unique vision into a successful and impactful project.

Discover our training programs which are crafted for individuals wanting to gain experience and knowledge in security services. Our courses will provide you with a set of essential skills that you need to be successful in the security industry. Our instructors have strong ex-military/ex-special forces and policing backgrounds, they will ensure you receive the highest level of education and insight in security services so you are more than prepared to take on anything in your future career.

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