Get Trained By Ex Special Forces

When it comes to training why not learn from the very best. At Trengate, our trainers come from elite backgrounds. Special forces, police counter terrorism and intelligence are just a few of the specialist sector backgrounds your instructors come from. They bring with them years of real-world experience, having been exposed to some of the most challenging situations imaginable. Training with our personnel doesn’t just mean learning from a board in a classroom, they will provide you with practical training, relate to real world experiences so that you truly gain the skills to navigate high-pressure situations effectively.

Simulation Based Training
We believe that hands-on, immersive learning significantly contributes to the development and retention of skills. Unlike conventional training methods, our simulation-based approach plunges you into realistic scenarios where you can apply theoretical knowledge in a practical, safe environment.
Consultancy and Course Implementation
We successfully train private and public sectors from around the globe. Trengate is committed to establishing the ideal infrastructure and platform for your training objectives. We have tailored the course content to align with your long-term goals and the growth of the security industry.

We have a highly trained team on hand

Our security officers are licensed and registered professionals who possess a perfect blend of expertise and experience. Together we have a range of skills and knowledge to provide exceptional security services. Trust in our us to ensure your safety.

Our Clients include:
Cars / private jets / yachts / property

Luxury Concierge Service

We offer an exceptional Luxury Concierge Service. We provide top-tier arrangements tailored to your needs, from supercars and private jets, to yachts and properties. We will help you get from point A to point B safely and in style.


Discover our training programs which are crafted for individuals wanting to gain experience and knowledge in security services. Our courses will provide you with a set of essential skills that you need to be successful in the security industry. Our instructors have strong ex-military/ex-special forces and policing backgrounds, they will ensure you receive the highest level of education and insight in security services so you are more than prepared to take on anything in your future career.

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